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Russia has used the new inhumane weapons in Shirokino

Russia has used the new inhumane weapons in Shirokino

The armed forces of so-called “DPR” attacked the Ukrainian position in order to get full control over Shirokino reported at noon on Sunday, deputy commander of the sector “M” Victor Shidlyuh.

According to him, at the present time (briefing held at 12:30) in Shirokino is a direct military clash of the opposing sides. The enemy is trying to oust the forces of Ukraine Shirokino. Against the forces of ATO used tanks, artillery, mortars. Continues to direct fire contact, said in a statement on page Regiment “Azov” in “VKontakte”.

Among Ukrainian soldiers have wounded with varying degrees of severity for the last night, killing one soldier. In the absence of the order to open fire from heavy weapons, APU hold positions using small arms.

“Currently, there are no preconditions for a massive attack armed groups” DNR “on Mariupol,” – said Shidlyuh.

Earlier it was reported that Mariupol direction is increasing the number of military equipment, weapons and manpower for possible attack on the city of Mariupol.

On Saturday in the village Shirokino was recorded fact of application against the forces of ATO new type of weapon, the action of which the soldiers had not previously met APU, said at an emergency press briefing Deputy Commander of the sector “M” Victor Shidlyuh.

According to him, allegedly used conventional artillery shells, a feature of which is that they are broken at 40 meters above the ground, reports Mariupol 0629 edition.

After the break affected area with plenty of mikrooskolkov dot size from a few millimeters, which cause multiple injuries to the human body.

Operate soldier with so many injuries is very difficult, the operation will be a very long time. These munitions were used on hit directly on the locality Shirokino. Fortunately, by this weapon no one was hurt.

According to the deputy commander of the sector “M” such kind of weapons could be used only by trained personnel.

Ukraine has no such weapons, he said.

Shidlyuh said that at the moment this type of study is made of the arms used, as it differs from all known species that were used before.


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