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Nadiya Savchenko may die in the next few days

Nadiya Savchenko may die in the next few days

A member of the Human Rights Council (HRC) under the President of Russia, Elena Masuk, calls on to apply house arrest to a Ukrainian pilot, Nadiya Savchenko.

According to BBC, in her appeal she asks members of the HRC to request the Russian authorities to change the preventive measure for Savchenko.

“Before you, dear colleagues, decide to oppose me because you might think Savchenko is a criminal and a murderer, and will argue that the court will figure everything out, remember my words: Nadiya Savchenko may die in the coming days”, the activist announced.

She emphasized that Savchenko’s health has significantly worsened in the recent days, that she has been refusing the glucose injections for 15 days now, and she now has serious problems with internal organs.

“We may not be able to release Nadiya Savchenko from custody, but we have the right to appeal to those who can change her preventive measure, for example, to house arrest in the walls of the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow or in an apartment in Moscow rented by the lawyers. It will save her life” concluded the human rights activist.

Savchenko has announced a hunger strike on December 12th. She has been refusing to eat since. On February 25th, Moscow City Court upheld to continue the arrest for Savchenko until mid May. Its representatives argue that the Ukrainian prisoner’s health is worsening, but the prosecution and the court do not consider it sufficient to release her from custody.

Earlier, in an official statement, the EU called on the Russian authorities to immediately release Savchenko on humanitarian grounds. A similar request has been made by the US.

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