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Russian intelligence is related to terrorist attack in Kharkiv

Russian intelligence is related to terrorist attack in Kharkiv

The SBU head Valentyn Nalyvaychenko argues that the Russian GRU is related to recent terrorist attack in Kharkiv on February 22.

According to the official, 11 Ukrainian citizens have already been detained because of a suspicion of their involvement in the terrorist attack.

“We have reported about 11 suspects detained. These are people, who have been caught by the General Prosecutor’s Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and SBU in frames of anti-terrorist operation in Kharkiv and Kharkiv oblast’,” – announced the SBU head.

According to him, the terrorists act has been carried out by three Ukrainian citizens.

“The leader, an organizer and executor of the terrorist act against innocent citizens, is a citizen of Kharkiv, an active member of the illegal terrorist organization “Oplot,” – said Nalyvaychenko.

The official argues that the organizer, called “Red,” went to Belgorod (Russia) last week, where he received instructions, money and weapons from two representatives of the Russia’s special services.

“As of today, we believe that those were Russian GRU. They gave the suspects tools and instructions to kill civilians in Kharkiv,” – announced Nalyvaychenko, adding that the amount paid was $ 10,000.

Moreover, the SBU says that Russia continues to host Ukrainian citizens who organize terrorist activities.

According to Nalyvaychenko, these citizens are usually trained in Russian Belgorod.

“It is crucial for us to stop further transfer of the terrorists,” – announced the SBU head.

The terrorist act in Kharkiv took place during a peaceful rally on Sunday afternoon, February 22. According to preliminary data, the mine, equipped with radio control exploded. Two people were killed, 11 injured. A 15-year-old teenager died the next day. Another 18-year-old student, after getting serious injuries in the explosion, died in one day.



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