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President Poroshenko enacts NSDC’s decision on peacekeepers in Donbas

President Poroshenko enacts NSDC’s decision on peacekeepers in Donbas

President Poroshenko has enacted the NSDC’s decision from 18 February related to peacekeepers in Donbas.

The decree №116/2015 has been signed on Monday, March 2, reports the official website of the President. The decree takes effect from the date of publication.

Earlier, it was reported that the NSDC had decided to appeal to the UN Security Council and the EU Council requesting the deployment of international peacekeeping operation in Ukraine.

In this regard, the NSDC offered the Ukrainian president to appeal to the organizations, requesting to send peacekeepers to Ukraine.

The NSDC motivated the proposal by a number of reasons. Among them, the need to create conditions for the order restoration, providing the constitutional rights for the citizens and companies, creating the conditions for normal life restoration in the occupied areas.

The decision was also “based on the need to implement the President’s peace plan, Minsk agreements and to prevent escalation of tensions in parts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblast’.

As it was previously reported by the press service of the President, Petro Poroshenko had had a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during which he “had stressed the importance of coordinating efforts on accommodating peacekeeping forces in Ukraine and noted that Ukraine is interested that the peacekeeping contingent would be formed as the EU mission.”

On February 20, Ukraine began consultations with UN on the issue.



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