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Most Ukrainians believe Donbas conflict to be frozen

Most Ukrainians believe Donbas conflict to be frozen

Nearly 56% of Ukrainian citizens believe that the Donbas conflict will be frozen, similarly to Transnistria, shows a survey of Internet users in Ukraine from February 2015, conducted by TNS company.

According to the survey, 20% of Ukrainians predict that Ukraine will fully restore its territorial integrity. Nevertheless, 11% believe that the terrorists’ controlled territories will become independent. Another 9% are predicting the fate of Crimea for the Donbas.

Also, the survey shows that 44% of Ukrainians are sure: Western countries will not give weapon to Ukraine. Nevertheless, 47% believe that weapons will be supplied, while 9% believe the country already gets it.

According to a survey, conducted by KIIS on ZN.UA’ request, only 1.8% of Ukrainians are ready to completely abandon the Donbas. More than half (54.3%) of the country is fundamentally not ready to lose it.



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