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Poroshenko accuses Russian government in repressions against Crimean population

Poroshenko accuses Russian government in repressions against Crimean population

President Poroshenko has accused the Russian authorities in repressions against the population of the occupied Crimea.

“Mistrust, discord and enmity have been brought to the Crimea for the last year. There are numerous facts of ethnic Ukrainian, Tatar, Russian and other ethnic groups’, with the pro-Ukrainian views, rights’ violations by the Russian invader. Police arbitrariness dominates the peninsula, arrests on false pretext, searches, even in religious institutions, leaders of Mejlis are being deported and arrested,”- announced the Ukrainian President because of the anniversary of the tragic events in the Crimea, reports the press service of the President.

However, the president believes that eventually all those who committed crimes against Ukraine and human rights in the Crimea will be brought to justice. President Poroshenko is convinced that Crimea will rejoin Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian state will return control over the temporarily occupied territory. I will not say today that this will be a quick and easy process. But it will definitely happen and we will rebuild a new Crimea, where rights and interests of all the groups will be provided, regardless of their ethnic, linguistic and religious origin. We have been struggling for this and will continue to struggle,” – announced the Ukrainian President.

Refat Chubarov, the leader of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, has been banned from entering the annexed Crimea and Russia. A “document,” which says that Refat Chubarov has been banned from entering the Crimea for the next 5 years, has been handed to the Crimean leader by the self-proclaimed Crimean authorities.

On November 23, Refat Chubarov accused the Russian invaders in the displacement of the indigenous Crimean people. According to him, the occupation has brought terrible social phenomena to the Crimean land, which are qualified by the international law as crimes against humanity: murder and kidnapping of people, massive and illegal searches, arrests, prosecutions and repressions on ethnic, religious and political grounds.”



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