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Detectives see many similarities between Politkovskaya and Nemtsov murders

Detectives see many similarities between Politkovskaya and Nemtsov murders

Russian opposition politician, Boris Nemtsov as well as a journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, was killed before certain dates, says “Kommersant” on Monday, March 2.

According to the newspaper, the investigation and the authorities immediately called the murder of the prominent politician as orchestrated, but there are so many versions of the motives that it has been hard so far to choose the main one. The only thing investigation is confident about is that perpetrators were not professionals, since they had not used reliable weapons and ammunition, but the one which is more than 20 years old, and besides, they had left alive the main witness of the event.

All ammunition used by a killer, were 9 mm, but produced at different time and by different companies. The newspaper says that four bullets, according to the label, were produced at Yuryuzansk Mechanical Plant (Chelyabinsk oblast’) in 1986, another two at Tula Cartridge Works plant in 1992.

According to preliminary data, a Makarov pistol or, as in the case of the observer of “Novaya Gazeta” Anna Politkovskaya, the gas “Izh” converted to fire live ammunition, could be used. The old weapons, of course, are easier to get, but it is, according to experts, quite unreliable in use. The killer got rid of the pistol as soon as he had killed the oppositioner, most likely throwing it into the Moscow River.

Detectives have already found many similarities between the murder of Anna Politkovskaya and Boris Nemtsov. They say it is obvious that Nemtsov as well as Politkovskaya were killed before certain dates: the March of opposition and birthday of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, respectively.

The investigation claims that Nemtsov as well as Politkovskaya had been spied for a long time before they appeared in appropriate places for an attack. In the case of Nemtsov, it is possible that the client wanted the oppositioner being killed in front of the Kremlin.

Boris Nemtsov was shot on the night of February 28 at Bolshoi Moskvoretsk Bridge. The Russian Investigation Committee is considering several versions of the murder, not excluding political or domestic motives.


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