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Russian terrorists accumulate forces, train and send saboteurs during ceasefire

Russian terrorists accumulate forces, train and send saboteurs during ceasefire

Russian terrorist forces in Donbas continue to use the ceasefire for regrouping the capabilities concentrated in Donbas, reports “Information Resistance” group.

A transfer of tactical reserves to the Donetsk direction (AFVs, artillery and Russian mercenaries’ formations) and area of Gorlivka (battalion task force) continues. In particular, during the period of March 1-3, 16 tanks, 23 AFVs and 12 artillery guns (mainly D-30 howitzers) were transferred to Donetsk and Gorlivka from several directions.

A concentration of Russian-terrorist forces is recorded on Artmivsk-Dzerzhynsk direction. 4 new company tactical groups with appropriate artillery assistance, 12 tanks, 23 AFVs, artillery and MLRS units were recorded. The transfer is made from the southern areas.

The group also reports about the accumulation of ammunition on this direction.

“DPR” and “LPR” militants are being trained under the supervision of the Russian officers on a number of improvised landfills.

In the area of Novoazovsk, the Russian-terrorist task forces are trying to push the Ukrainian units out of Shyrokino. The militants imitate weapon withdrawal on the direction. In reality, the weapons are returned to positions at night – in the words of the militants, they “do carousels”).

“Information Resistance” notes that the enemy continues to do an active intelligence of Ukrainian troops’ positions. Russian-terrorist forces are trying to increase the use of sabotage and reconnaissance groups. According to experts, the lack of an entire control over the contact line allows such actions.
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On Tuesday evening, the ATO HQ reported that the militants had violated the ceasefire more than 20 times on March 3.


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