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Dutch prosecutors: Boeing MH17 was shot down by Russian “Buk”

Dutch prosecutors: Boeing MH17 was shot down by Russian “Buk”

Dutch prosecutors’ press service has published the findings of the International Forensic Group, which is investigating the tragedy.

The investigators collected and processed over one million of documents, videos and photos. A large amount of materials made the experts to greatly increase the number of the group.

The experts found that the plane had been shot down by a “Buk” (SA-11 Gadfly) installation, which had been brought from Russia to Ukraine shortly before the tragedy.

The experts also believe that the crew of the missile system was operated by the Russian specialists or militants under the guidance of experts.

Now experts will have to not only identify the range of suspects and gather evidence against them, but also give facts and evidence to the court which is sufficient for a conviction. The prosecution team is currently working on this.

The Dutch prosecutors also note that there is evidence that the Russian Secret Service were trying to break down and penetrate the computer systems of the Dutch police and prosecutors.
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All smart phones and laptops that investigators used in Ukraine, and who had contact with local networks, had to be destroyed since they had been infected with a spyware.

The leader of the russian terrorist “DPR”, Zakharchenko has a completely different opinion about the downed Boeing. On December 25, he announced that he had personally “seen” how the Ukrainian aircrafts had shot down the Malaysian Boeing.

Clarification. The Prosecutor’s Office of the Netherlands explained that the final conclusions about downing Boeing MH17 not yet. We apologize to readers for the hastily published information. The Guardian writes:

The Guardian about MH14


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