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Russia prepares machinations with weapons in Donbas via Czech Republic

Russia prepares machinations with weapons in Donbas via Czech Republic

On March 1, the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita published an article stating that the Russian Federation could use American automatic firearms for provocations in Ukraine. Those firearms are being purchased in Czech Republic despite the embargo against Russia.

The journalists of the Polish newspaper conclude that the use of smuggled weapons in Donbas could provide Kremlin with the pretext to declare that USA has already started secret weapon deliveries to Ukraine.

According to Rzeczpospolita, Czech middlemen sell Russia modern American weapons – Bushmaster 90838, 90705, 90899 and DPMS RFA 3-3G2 rifles – and also German made firearms, despite the embargo imposed on sales of firearms to Russia. All firearms, according to Czech representatives, are supplied for sale exclusively in hunting stores. However, Special Forces of many countries use these weapons, in particular US Delta Force. Thus, export of American weapons by Czech Republic to Russia looks strange in the least, considering its refusal to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine.


It’s notable that while Western media is being very cautious in its assumptions, the militants of pro-Russian terrorist groups of DNR/LNR have already started to test the waters on this subject. For instance, in the first half of February iNapalm brought attention to staged videos in the publication “The latest fabrication of DNR propagandists revealed: false secret cache of the Ukrainian Army”. In the videos, militants demonstrated several examples of foreign made hunting rifles while claiming that they had found a secret Ukrainian Army weapons cache.


Also, terrorist groups in Donbass are known to be armed with VZ-61 “Scorpion” submachine guns of Czech manufacture. In particular, one could be seen on the belt of the LNR field commander, recently identified as a “retired Russian Army colonel” Nail Nurullin.

Thus, it is Czech Republic that has now become a weak link of EU, which Russia is trying to use in organizing its criminal provocations.

Translated by Andrii Gryganskyi

Edited by Max Alginin



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