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Version of Islamist motives Nemtsov’s murder is absurd

Version of Islamist motives Nemtsov’s murder is absurd

Russian oppositioner, Ilya Yashin does not believe in the so-called “Islamic motifs” of Boris Nemtsov’s murder.

“I do not believe in “Islamic motifs” of the murder. I think this version is an absurdity,” – comments the situation politician and Nemtsov’s colleague from “RPR-Parnassus” party and “Solidarity.”

Yashin argues Nemtsov was tolerant man in religious terms and never spoke bad of Islam.

“I am convinced that he was killed for political reasons and not because of religious feelings’ insult” – says Yashin.

He is sure that real instigators of the crime, that may be associated with the authorities in the country, are not yet found.

“Nemtsov did not have personal enemies in Chechnya,” – says Yashin, recognizing that Nemtsov systematically criticized the government of the Chechen Republic.

“I admit that the real perpetrators are arrested, although there is still not enough evidence on this. Particularly, we insist on the publication of data from Kremlin’s surveillance cameras, where you can see faces of the suspects,” – says Yashin.

The oppositioner says the investigation should continue searching for the real instigators of the murder and not stop on the testimony of former Chechen military battalion’s deputy commander Zaur Dadayev.

“Dadayev’s readiness, who confessed to the murder, to take the blame in the organization of the crime, is an attempt, in my opinion, to shield the real instigators of the crime. If the investigation takes it for granted, dangerous and powerful criminals will escape responsibility, and therefore the practice of political assassinations will undoubtedly continue,” – commented Ilya Yashyn.

Russian media continue spreading information that Boris Nemtsov’s killing was not “orchestrated” and carried out by two former “North” battalion soldiers, Zaur Dadayev and Bislan Shavanov because of Boris Nemtsov’s negative remarks against Muslims and support for Charlie Hebdo.



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