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Russian terrorists. Fifty “volunteers” in Yekaterinburg sent to fight in Donbas

Russian terrorists. Fifty “volunteers” in Yekaterinburg sent to fight in Donbas

The largest group of Russian mercenaries has been sent to the Donbas since the start of ceasefire.

Nearly 50 people has been gathered in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg to be delivered to join the so-called “LPR’s” “Ghost” unit, headed by Alexei Mozgovyi , reports Yekaterinburg’s edition E1.UK.

The send-off was held with the participation of wives and other relatives in front of a monument to soldiers of WWII Ural Volunteer Tank Corps. Nevertheless, most of the fighters themselves shyly hid their face under balaclavas.

They lined up in two lines, the priest read a prayer and called on soldiers to “fight against the enemies of Russia.”

“This is the largest unit sent to Luhansk People’s Republic since the beginning of the “ceasefire” – nearly 50 people. The guys are mostly Special Forces veterans, half of them have already have fought in Ukraine. We will help to restore the republic during the ceasefire. Why are they in balaclavas? Yes, they are shy! They will serve in “Ghost” unit, headed by Alexei Mozgovyi,” – commented the head of Sverdlovsk Special Forces’ Veterans Fund, Vladimir Efimov.

“They are not mercenaries, they are true volunteers! They are not paid! I tell you,” – said Efimov.

Then, the militants received the documents, made a Cossacks’ ritual with the flag of “Novorossiya” and went to take their places in the train.

Militants and Russian military created a single army in the Donbas, reports the “Information Resistance” group.

There are nearly 12,000 mercenaries in the Donbas. This was reported to Channel 5 by NSDC Speaker Andriy Lysenko.

“If we’re talking about mercenaries coming from the territory of the Russian Federation, their number reaches 12,000, jointly with the Ukrainian citizens in the militants’ ranks,” – said the Speaker.



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