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Lithuania: Europe surrenders to Putin

Lithuania: Europe surrenders to Putin

It seems that the West lately believes the conflict in Ukraine is an internal Russian problem.

This opinion has been expressed by Lithuania’s first speaker Vytautas Landsbergis in interview with Die Zeit.

“More than 5,000 people have been killed in Ukraine, but the West does not talk about the war in Europe. They believe that the aggression against Ukraine – is the aggression against someone unknown. This position only contributes to the Russian aggression,” – says former Lithuanian politician.

He is convinced that the West mistakenly allows Putin to dictate its conditions at negotiations on Ukraine’s conflict: he chooses a place, a topic, and participants of future negotiations.

“When German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the conflict in Ukraine cannot be solved by military means, I would like to know if Putin thinks the same way. Rather, it is quite the contrary. He seeks to solve it in military way,” – says Landsbergis.

According to the Lithuanian politician, actions appropriate in the current situation are obvious. Specifically, the EU must help Ukraine “to protect against Russian tanks and heavy artillery.” “The exclusion of Russia from the SWIFT international payment system would fit well in order to cause it an economic blow. And as a diplomatic measure, it could be sufficient to exclude Russia from international organizations such as the UN, the rules of which Russia has been blatantly violating,” – says the article.

The author also wonders why the West still did not publish information about Putin’s bank accounts so that his followers in Russia and abroad could see how honest the Russian president is.

Landsbergis also adds that the Kremlin’s allegations that Russia is surrounded by enemies is not new. This myth has existed since the time of the Russian Empire and serves as an excuse for attacking other countries.

He recalls that virtually every Russian ruler tried to capture new territories.

Putin after becoming a president, made no secret that his goal is to restore the Soviet Union. “The same applies to the propaganda rhetoric that Russia had been allegedly humiliated. Only Gulag’s warden will feel humiliated when his prisoners are running away from him,” – says the article. Landsbergis also calls on not to call the pro-Russian terrorists in the Donbas as “separatists.”

Finally, the article concludes with the politician saying that “there will be no peace in Europe until it indulges the aggressors.”

Yesterday, the PM of Poland Ewa Kopacz said that Putin’s decision to deploy “Iskanders” in Kalinigrad oblast’ is an attempt to influence the decision of the European Council on sanctions, recalling the recent deployment of Russian weapons in Kaliningrad and the Crimea.


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