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Timeline of Events in ATO Area on May 3, 2015: Provocations at the Limit

Timeline of Events in ATO Area on May 3, 2015: Provocations at the Limit

This timeline was prepared by the InformNapalm team and was based on the information from our insiders in the occupied territories, as well as the information from public sources.

Sector C


Nighttime shelling of Donetsk airport continued until the morning of May 3.

At 09:00 the residents observed a gathering of Russian soldiers (ca. 15 men) near School No 95.

At 10:20 several SUVs and approximately 20 people wearing vests with PRESS inscriptions were observed on Kyivskyi Avenue near Vetka.

Between 10:30 and 12:30 infrequent movement of weaponry, solitary shots and sounds of remote explosions were observed in the city.

Around 13:00 a convoy of militants’ weaponry passed via the center towards Kyivskyi District, towing six howitzers of the calibers over 120mm. The journalists of “Radio Svoboda” were able to film the convoy.

Al Gri, the InformNapalm team expert, identified the weaponry: the video shows three D-30 howitzers (122mm) and three 2A65 Msta-B 152mm towed howitzers. Please note that Kyivskyi District is located less than 10km away from the demarcation line established by the Minsk agreements. Therefore, the presence of guns of over 100mm caliber in this area is a gross violation of the ceasefire agreements.

At 17:05 three MTLB APCs and two Ural trucks, overloaded with fighters of the Sparta terrorist battalion, went northbound through Universytetska Street and Zolote Kiltse.

At 19:40 militants’ heavy artillery started shelling.

At 19:47 the militants of combined Russian-separatist forces (CRSF) towed another set of howitzers towards Donetsk airport.

After 21:00 militants’ Ural trucks moved through Makiivske Avenue towards Donetsk with the frequency of 2-3 vehicles every 20-30 minutes.

At 21:52 the movement of a Strela-10 anti-aircraft system was observed through the Kalininskyi District westwards. It should be noted that the militants use these systems to destroy UAVs.

After 22:20 the shelling by the militants’ heavy artillery started from Putylivskyi District, Durna Balka (47°59’22?N 37°44’41?E) and Kuybyshevska mine.

Closer to the nighttime the militants shelled Yasynuvata, Yakovlivka, and Avdiivka from different parts of Donetsk.

Also, the residents report that militants bombarded Donetsk during the night with mortars located at the track maintenance depot at Yasynuvata station near the railroad security office.

The increased frequency of artillery shelling used by the militants for provocation could be caused by their desire to bargain for more concessions from the Ukrainian authorities. This is also suggested by the latest statement of the DNR representative Denis Pushilin, claiming that the next meeting of the contact group could take place in Minsk in the next two to three days.


In Avdiivka an OSCE patrol came under artillery fire. The shelling was conducted with 152mm artillery, which is proscribed by the ceasefire agreements. The Chief Monitor of the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine Ambassador Ertugrul Apakan expressed his deep concern regarding the growing number of incidents, which involve the representatives of SMM in Donbas, as the official site of this organization reported.


At 13:02 residents witnessed the first shots of outgoing artillery fire by CRSF militants, which started for no reason. This might indicate the provocative nature of the militants’ actions.


At 23:06 CRSF fired their artillery at Dzerzhynsk suburbs.

At 23:24 powerful outgoing artillery shots were also heard in the central part of the town.

Sectors B and M


The residents report a strict ban on alcohol for CRSF militants. Violators are punished by being placed in a pit. However, marijuana is not prohibited, which is why many of the militants are high all the time.


The militants continued intensive shelling of Shyrokine.

At 19:10 CRSF militants shelled the village with Grad MLRS.

At 19:47 the terrorists continued shelling with 152mm artillery.

A firefight started when the terrorists made a raid attempt, but were pushed back. The fight finished at approximately 22:00. The militants retreated to their positions. Two Ukrainian soldiers were injured. There is no information on casualties among the attackers.

Sector A

After the earlier hostilities, the previous night was relatively calm in Luhansk Oblast. Minor small arms shootouts occurred in Novotoshkivka, on the Bakhmutka highway near Checkpoint 29, and in Katerynivka.

From 16:00 to 16:30 the militants were testing the Ukrainian Army defenses at the fortified post near Krymskevillage. The attack was defeated.


Sergei Bondarenko (also known as Bondar and Bendiks), the leader of the local terrorist group Rus, who disappeared from the town after his assassination attempt and house-to-house searches, showed up in Krasnoyarskyi Krai in Russia. There he was apprehended by FSB and later released. At the moment Bondar has joined the well-known Russian militant leader and the ataman of “Great Don Army” Nikolai Kozitsyn, looking for support and help in his fight against the LNR commandant’s office.

(c) This information was prepared specifically for InformNapalm, reprinting and any use of this report must include a link to our project.

Translated by Andrii Gryganskyi.

Edited by Max Alginin



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