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Ukrainians in the WW2. Glory to the heroes!

Ukrainians in the WW2. Glory to the heroes!

A son of Vasil Strank and Martha Grofikova, Michael Strank was born in a Ukrainian Lemko family who moved to Pennsylvania. When he enlisted in the Marine Corps, he didn’t think he would become an American hero. He was photographed raising the American flag and flagstaff atop Mount Suribachi with five other servicemen before he was killed on the island during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Amet-khan Sultan was a Soviet fighter and test pilot whose mother was Crimean Tatar. He claimed his first victory on 31 May 1942, ramming a Junkers Ju-88 with his Hawker Hurricane. When Crimea was liberated from Nazis, Amet-khan went to his native Alupka for vacation. There, on May 18, 1944, he became witness of the forced deportation of the Crimean tatars. Just in three days 200 thousand people were deported from their native land. Amet-khan devoted the rest of his life to fighting for the rights of Crimean Tatars.

Halyna Kuzmenko, ‘Nadya’ was born in Chernihiv Oblast. Her mother died during Holodomor and her father was executed as a political prisoner. Before the Nazi invasion of the USSR she lived in Donbas. During the war she joined OUN resistance and became a machine gun operator. Soon she was fighting for the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in the Carpathians, where she was captured by the Soviet NKVD, tortured and sent to die in Gulag. Yet ‘Nadya’ survived.

Fighters of the French Resistance called him ‘Pierre le Canadien’. Petro Dmytruk was born in Radisson, Saskatchewan in 1920 to a Ukrainian immigrant family. He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in July 1941 to become one of the Europe’s war heroes.

The Government of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance created videos telling stories of outstanding Ukrainians in the WW2.

Directed by Oles Sanin. Multilingual translation done by InformNapalm team (text by Gennadiy Kornev, voice by Volodymyr Solohub, sound editing by Victor Ogryzko, video editing and mastering by Andriy Garin.


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